alto & soprano saxophone
e-guitar, electronics
double bass
drums, percussions

Upcoming concert 20th of July at the German festival WUNDERFELD 2019

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Frank Paul Schubert, Knox Chandler, Christian Ramond and Klaus Kugel are four singular creators whose collective effort has resulted in a remarkable quartet. In even as varied an epoch as our current one, where creative musicians now regularly and easily traverse seemingly disparate styles, there are few ensembles that impress as convincingly in their ability to bridge idioms, blend the sonic textures and timbres of the ancient with present sensibilities of technology, and fire a listener's imagination with possibilities of future music. The international complexion of the quartet - Lithuanian, American and German - and their broad array of musical experience as composers, interpreters, leaders, and instrumental as well as technological innovators results in collective creations that are kaleidoscopic in nature.

Producing a cutting edge, high energy art form, POKSIS explores original melodic themes and rhythms found not only in the traditions of jazz and contemporary improvisation but also in the new complexity of modern composition. The band’s philosophy is based on paradoxes and extremes being a necessity in order to achieve balance. The variety of their work discovers contrasts in the weight of sound.
The band’s mission is to explore their passion for improvisation and to develop a unique musical cohesion through extended performances. The focus is on the art form itself, despite the current trend of image-driven music on the scene today. This band aims to develop cutting-edge jazz and contemporary improvisation to re-establish substance over hype.

phone: +49 173 25 450 25